With kids everywhere looking for the latest pokemon cards, it can be easy to dismiss the game as just another trend that is going to come and go. In reality, Pokemon is about much more than just the cards, the characters and even the art. The game itself can be a real challenge and a great opportunity to help kids practice concepts in math! Sometimes when learning is fun, kids tend to be more receptive and might even walk away with a little extra skill.

Use Cards Like Flash Cards

At a very basic level, these cards have a variety of numbers on the face. There are numbers that explain the amount of damage that a character can do. There are also numbers that show how much life a Pokemon has. Instead of playing the game in a traditional fashion, consider showing one card to a child and having him or her add up all the numbers listed. It is also possible to ask questions like, “If this Pokemon was able to use both attacks at the same time, how much damage could be done to another player?” These simple questions end up becoming math practice.

Keeping Track of Figures in Kid’s Heads

In the midst of a Pokemon match, kids want to quickly think on their feet, determining which card to play and how much damage to send out. While practicing addition and subtraction on paper is great, this game gives kids an opportunity to quickly make calculations in their heads. The more the game is played, the more practice a child receives. It isn’t unusual to see kids starting to solve their math homework a little quicker as more and more Pokemon matches are played.

Forward Thinking

Just like many other card games, Pokemon is a game of strategy. While it is important to think about the move being made, it also helps to consider all of the options that an opponent can make as well. This means that kids aren’t just answering the question before them. They are also attempting to come up with calculations that they can use in the future to create the largest impact.

With a little outside the box thinking, even my little pony cards can be transformed into a learning opportunity!